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An open-minded and dynamic university

Based on Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa’s spirit of jitsugaku (practical learning), and taking as the school philosophy the implementation of transdisciplinary and international education, research, and healthcare, we aim to give back to society at large through the nurturing of researchers and students who will create new values and pave the way to future society through scholarship. We will meanwhile continue to develop alongside the community as an open-minded and dynamic university.

The Office of Community and Regional Affairs collates information from its diverse-format community and regional affairs initiatives and promotes reciprocal ties with communities and regions, deployed through faculties, graduate schools, and research institutes, based on the guiding principles of Keio University. In addition, we serve as an outward-facing liaison for consultation on community and regional collaboration both inside and outside the university, to systematically and holistically engage with collaborative initiatives involving the community and regions (organizational system for community and regional collaboration).

Our policy

1.Personnel development

We will develop personnel who will pave the way to future society and give back to the community at large through education, research, and healthcare.

2.Fostering collaboration

We promote environmental formation to facilitate the creation of new values through scholarship, and foster collaboration which brings forth synergistic effects alongside sustainable communities and regions.

3.Dissemination of information

We will promote the dissemination of information on various activities relating to community and regional collaboration, and with the aim of becoming an ever more open-minded and dynamic university in parallel with the sustainable development of communities, further advance community and regional collaboration efforts.

Mita Information Plaza

At the Mita Information Plaza, information on public events at Keio or those based on cooperation agreements, alongside an array of Keio University pamphlets and newsletters, are available for free. This facility also serves as a venue bridging the university and community, with displays on-site and DVD screenings introducing Keio as well as official goods available for purchase. The Mita Information Plaza is somewhere you are always welcome to swing by.

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