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Research toward the realization of a drone-based society through technology and human resource development and social applications

The SFC Research Institute and the following local governments have signed a cooperation agreement in order to tackle regional revitalization and various issues by utilizing drones and to promote education and research for regional promotion.
Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
In FY2020, we used drones for lifesaving activities at Katase Nishihama, Fujisawa City (July 18-August 23). Concerning the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles in lifesaving activities after a total of more than 100 regular flights, 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the afternoon from 10 to 15 o'clock every day, and scrambled flights dispatched at the request of life savers. Accumulated knowledge. In addition, as a drone model project in Kanagawa Prefecture, we conducted a "life search activity at a water rescue site and a fact-finding survey of fire prevention water tanks." Specifically, in collaboration with the Fujisawa City Fire Department, we conducted a verification of the effects of life search activities and fire prevention tank surveys at water rescue sites using water and underwater drones.
(in 2022)Research activities continuing

Applicable regions

Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujisawa City

Implementation period

July30,1999- present

Community and Regional Affairs category

  • Regional collaboration as research targets and implementation sites/research that aims to popularize region-specific issues
  • Social collaboration through advanced research
  • Education of students/human resource development for the next generation

Related agreements, etc.

Collaboration and cooperation agreement between Fujisawa City and Keio University

Cooperating institutions, etc.

Fujisawa City Office



Person in charge

Keio Research Institute at SFC, Consortium for Co-Creation of Drone Collaborative Society