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Comprehensive agreement on regional development utilizing advanced technology

Comprehensive cooperation agreements on advanced technology fields such as autonomous driving and drones have been concluded with the following local governments.
Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (December 2, 2020)
In 2020, in addition to giving advice on Odawara City's digitization efforts (such as proposals for the Super City concept), students from the Furuya Study Group worked on research on Odawara City's digitization. Furthermore, with a subsidy from the Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Promotion Organization, we conducted research on the practical application of drone logistics at mandarin orange farms in Odawara City. Specifically, in Ishibashi, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we formulated a plan necessary to switch from existing logistics using automobiles on mountain roads to drone logistics. Agricultural products transported by trucks, etc. in Odawara City were replaced by drones and transported.
(in 2022)Research activities continuing

Applicable regions

Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Implementation period

December 2, 2020-present

Community and Regional Affairs category

  • Regional collaboration as research targets and implementation sites/research that aims to popularize region-specific issues
  • Social collaboration through advanced research
  • Education of students/human resource development for the next generation
  • Advisory role for the authorities, etc.

Related agreements, etc.

Comprehensive agreement on research, education, and regional development utilizing advanced technology

Cooperating institutions, etc.

Odawara City Office



Person in charge

Keio Research Institute at SFC, Consortium for Co-Creation of Drone Collaborative Society