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Creating a recycling future project with Osaki Town (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Osaki Town (Kagoshima Prefecture), Kagoshima Sougo Shinyoukinko, and the Keio Research Institute at SFC concluded an agreement in 2018, and under this collaboration, Professor Masatoshi Tamamura of the Faculty of Policy Management and his research group had 2 graduate students living in Osaki Town from 2019 to 2020 who were carrying out research activities on "a study on citizens' organizations and governmental approaches to community-based recycling systems" and "building a jointly developed sales promotion model in the production industry that encourages voluntary cooperation among consumers" as well as working to build a model for policies to create a sustainable community.

Applicable regions

Kagoshima Prefecture Osaki Town

Implementation period

April 10, 2018 - present

Community and Regional Affairs category

  • Regional collaboration as research targets and implementation sites/research that aims to popularize region-specific issues
  • Social collaboration through advanced research
  • Education of students/human resource development for the next generation
  • Advisory role for the authorities, etc.
  • Two-way recycling-oriented collaboration with local communities and societies
  • Environmental initiatives

Related agreements, etc.

Collaboration agreement on joint development of Osaki Town's creating a recycling future project



Person in charge

Faculty of Policy Management Professor Masatoshi Tamamura