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Collaborative projects with the City of Yokohama Kohoku Ward.

In collaboration with Takata Junior High School, a program was implemented as part of a social studies class to approach local disaster prevention issues through system and design thinking and data analysis.
The program consisted of four sessions and was designed in accordance with the system and design thinking process, from problem definition to solution creation; In the first session, students learned prior knowledge through lectures on system and design thinking and disaster prevention activities by local governments and communities; in the second session, they set up a target group and conducted a field survey after formulating a hypothesis on the issue from the viewpoint of the target group; in the third session, they analyzed data obtained through the field survey to verify the hypothesis, defined the problem, and created a solution idea; In the fourth session, a future scenario in which the idea was realized was created from the viewpoint of the target group.
A total of 117 students from three classes of third-year students attended the program. After the four sessions, a presentation of the results was held on Hiyoshi Campus, where each team presented the scenarios they had created in the form of skits and posters. Local government and community citizens also attended the presentation, who provided feedback on the students' presentations, promoting dialogue and exchange. Many of the students who attended the program showed a change in their awareness and behavior toward disaster prevention, as well as a willingness to apply the knowledge and thinking they learned to other areas, though the pre- and post-program questionnaires.

Applicable regions

Kanagawa Prefecture City of Yokohama Kohoku Ward

Implementation period

June 01, 2017 - present

Community and Regional Affairs category

  • Regional collaboration as research targets and implementation sites/research that aims to popularize region-specific issues
  • Social collaboration through advanced research
  • Education of students/human resource development for the next generation
  • Two-way recycling-oriented collaboration with local communities and societies

Related agreements, etc.

Agreement on a collaborative partnership between the Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management and City of Yokohama Kohoku Ward Office



Person in charge

Graduate School of System Design and Management Professor Naohiko Kotake